About Us


BRAIN is an international organization, initiated by a Cameroonian African Neurologist, Neurophysiologist, Neuroscientist and Educationist who believes in protecting, preserving and promoting African brains for the good of Africa and the world. BRAIN is based in Geneva, Switzerland and Yaounde, Cameroon.

Our Vision

Quality health and sustainable development through neuroscience (brain) research, education and service provision in Africa

We see an African society where an improved understanding of the brain, in health and in disease, among researchers, health workers, policy makers and the general public leads to better health and sustainable development of its people.

Our Mission

Promoting health for development in Africa through brain health.

We commit ourselves to achieve a better understanding and awareness on the brain and its role in individual development and of the society through the promotion of evidenced-based neuroscience research, education and improved service provision for people in Africa, in order to reduce the burden of neurological conditions in the continent.

Our Passion

The beauty and harmony of the brain (nervous system) as a model for sociological anatomy and physiology (organizing and running society).

We are driven by the passion of the beauty of the structure of the nervous system and the harmony of its diverse functions, allowing it to play the unique role of coordinating and controlling all body systems, for the survival, success and eventually significance of individuals, peoples and communities in Africa.